The Skhirat Plea

The participants to the “Forum for an Atlantic Tri-continental Initiative” gathered in Skhirat [Morocco] on May 29th & 30th 2009,

Considering that:
• The systemic character of the crisis requires a new approach for international governance that goes beyond the intergovernmental framework unable by itself to restore trust;

• The Global Agenda for development would win in terms of credibility by:
- Strictly abiding by the multilateral rules and disciplines;
- Making all actors for development aware of their responsibilities;
- Taking more account of the need for security expressed by the citizens;
- Addressing more efficiently the concerns of vulnerable populations;
- Preserving the interests of future generations.

Persuaded that:
• A renovated multilateral approach built upon regional processes, will favor the emergence of best practices, actions of solidarity and a better consideration for national characteristics,
• The Atlantic is a space of ancient cultural and historical proximity whose diversity and the potential for complementarily need to be mobilized to serve a common destiny;
• This space provides opportunities for co-development particularly adapted for a way out of the crisis as well as responses to face common challenges;
• The Atlantic is an appropriate framework for addressing the requirements of social cohesion, persons’ mobility, sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity, as well as maritime security, and all types of violence and trafficking.


• Governments, regions and cities, non governmental institutions, as well as regional intergovernmental organizations, to work together to tackle these common challenges and to insert resolutely the Atlantic dimension into their respective agendas;

• Like minded institutions, particularly the universities and research centers, to build networks allowing them to mobilize and share information and knowledge;

• For the establishment of an Atlantic informal consultations process within the multilateral system;

• For the organization of an annual forum of all the actors of the Atlantic partnership on priority issues.

Ex press their gratitude to the High Commission for Planning for the organization of the present Forum and wish that the Kingdom of Morocco would pursue its work for the realization of the objectives of this initiative, as established in the Agenda for the Future appended to the present Plea.